The Marshes of Glynn:
an Oratorio Setting of Sydney Lanier’s Work

Composed by Steven Darsey

Rehearsal Schedule


Choral RehearsalSaturday Sept. 3rd2 - 4pmTBA
Choral RehearsalSunday Sept. 4th2 - 4pmTBA
Choral/Orch. RehearsalWednesday Sept. 7th3 - 5pmAtlanta Symphony Hall
Choral/Orch. RehearsalThursday Sept. 8th3 - 5pmAtlanta Symphony Hall
Choral/Orch. Dress RehearsalFriday Sept. 9th7 - 10pmAtlanta Symphony Hall
PerformanceSaturday Sept. 10th7 - 9pmAtlanta Symphony Hall

Parking provided at rehearsals and performance.

General Information, Poem Text, Score


To give listeners some advance knowledge of Steven Darsey’s oratorio setting of Sidney Lanier’s “The Marshes of Glynn,” we provide audio examples and the musical score via links below. The audio examples derive principally from a live performance and reading by the Chancel Choir of Glenn Memorial UMC and the Meridian Chorale from March 2, 2008, in Glenn Memorial Auditorium, Emory University.

The sound files below connect primarily to acoustic recordings from our 2008 performance with some digital insertions of additional music and orchestration Steven subsequently composed. The score we provide here is for the 9/10/2022 premiere performance, which will vary from the audio provided in minor and occasional major details.

The music we include here represents most, but not all of the 40’ oratorio. If you want to hear the entire work as a whole, go here for a complete recording of the 2008 performance reading with piano and organ accompaniment. These, however, do not include Steven’s subsequent additions and orchestrations.

We post these examples from the whole oratorio as separate segments so that one can go directly to their desired sections.  Once that choice is completed, you can click the right arrow to advance to the next, or simply select another section from the directory.  It may take a bit to get accustomed to the interface. Score section page numbers are included below.

Performers in the 2008 performance reading:  Cynthia Shepherd, soprano; Katherine Murray, mezzo soprano, Timothy Miller, tenor, Stephen Ozcomert, bass-baritone.  Todd Skrabanek, pianist; Timothy Albrecht, organist. Steven Darsey, conductor.

Poem Text          Musical Score

All music accessed from this page is © Steven Darsey, 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Steven Darsey and Kate Murray.

Music Excerpts for Reference


PieceInfoPage Number
Glooms of the Live OaksSSAATTBB Chorus5
Beautiful GloomsMezzo Solo, Katherine Murray9
O Braided DusksSATB Chorus10
O Now UnafraidBass, Baritone Solo, Stephen Ozcomert15
So Affable Live OakSoprano Solo, Cynthia Shepherd16
Sinuous SouthwardSoprano-Mezzo Duet, Cynthia Shepherd, Katherine Murray17
A LeagueTenor Solo, Timothy Miller18
O What is AbroadBass, Baritone Solo, Stephen Ozcomert19
Ye MarshesChorus, Orchestra20
As the Marsh HenAll Sing with Orchestra32
How Still the Water Be Mezzo Solo, Katherine Murray38
The Forms that CreepSATB Chorus40
On the LengthSSAATTBB Chorus (Acoustic conclusion)44
On the LengthSSAATTBB Chorus (Digital conclusion)44