The Marshes of Glynn:
an Oratorio Setting of Sidney Lanier’s Work

Composed by Steven Darsey

9.7 Rehearsal Location Reminder, Standing and Sitting Cues

Dear Chorale members,

We look forward to our rehearsal on Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. We are very grateful you have joined our singing journey through the “Song of the Chattahoochee, in our “Life and Song” to “The Marshes of Glynn.” We have addressed each of our four works in previous rehearsals, and now, in the final week, as in the mastery and strength that Kate and I hear growing in you, we will surely sing with “eyes of faith” on “wings of Love.”

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS REHEARSAL IS IN A DIFFERENT LOCATION.  We will be rehearsing in the building known as The Commons of First Congregational Church:

125 Ellis St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303
google maps link

PARKING:  There is free parking.  There are twenty parking places including two handicapped spaces directly in front of The Commons.  The entire First Congregational Church parking lot (behind the church) will be available only to us, closed to the general public, so we will have plenty of room.  The First Congregational Church address is:

105 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303
google maps link

at the corner of Courtland and John Wesley Dobbs. The parking lot is off John Wesley Dobbs.  There will be a person (Jane Thorpe) waving you toward the Commons! Please come early because we have a lot to do.
COVID:   Masking according to your personal preference at this facility.  We continue to wait for the final word from the ASO about policy there.

Please write these in your scores for Wednesday’s rehearsal.

RUN OF SHOW6:30-7:00 p.m.  
Pre Show Powerpoint with sponsors, donors, and pictures projected.

7:00 p.m. 
Welcome by Linda DiSantis of Georgia Audubon   
5 -10 mins  Powerpoint pictures projected 

Project pictures from Music Powerpoint while Chorale processes in. When conductor Kate Murray steps on podium, Music Powerpoint stops

Chorale enters by rows/be seated together
Stand when Kate and Ksenia enter the stage

Song of the Chattahoochee

Be seated when Kate and Ksenia leave.
Stage change:  (move piano, add stand, quartet moves) pictures of Georgia nature, Chattahoochee, Marshes will be projected.  Be aware that people will be looking just behind you at the screen so please no talking.
Stand when clarinetist Ted Gurch, Ksenia and Kate enter.

Life and Song

Be seated when Kate, Kesnia, Ted and quartet leave the stage.
Stage change:  Add chairs, stands. Scenes projected
String players enter and tune
Stand when Kate enters

A Song of the Future

Be seated, Kate exits with orchestra.
Stage change(add chairs, stands, instruments) scenes projected
Orchestra enters and tunes
Stand when Steve enters
Sit when Steve is on the podium

The Marshes of Glynn

Standing and sitting cues:

All seated at beginning
Quartet stands ms. 35
Quartet sits ms. 79
Kate stands at ms. 81
Chorale and soloists stand last two beats of ms.105
Chorale sits and Steve O. stands at ms. 162
Steve O. sits, Arietha stands and Violin player stands ms. 176&177
Arietha sits ms. 195
Anne-Marie and Kate stand ms. 198
Anne-Marie, Kate sit and Tim and Trumpet player stand ms. 228-229
Tim, trumpet player sit, Steve stands ms. 258
All stand ms. 272
All sit ms. 290
All stand ms. 330
Chorale sits ms. 430, quartets remains standing
Quartet sits and Kate stands ms. 472
All stand ms. 484 to end.

Steve bows
Vocal Soloists bow
Solo instrumentalists bow
Chorale is acknowledged
Orchestra is acknowledged
Steve exits and returns for solo bow

Finally, note that the Thursday Sept. 8th and Friday Sept. 9th rehearsals will take place at Symphony Hall. We will send out another email with more info.

Performance week is upon us!! Soloists arrive early and stay late at Wednesday’s rehearsal!

Steve, Kate, Jane and Chris