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Winged for the Heart
Folk Stories and Songs
2001 CD $17
2002 CD $17
2003 CD $17
2004 2 CDs $22
2005 CD $17
2006 CD $17
2007 CD $17
2008 CD $17

Southern Folk Advent
1999 CD $17
1999 Video $22

Southern Folk Passion
1998 CD $17
1998 Video $22

Higher Ground
Camp Meeting Service
1998 CD $17

“It has been my great good fortune to attend several of these Southern Folk Advent services in Oxford, Georgia, outside Atlanta. It is the perfect start to the Christmas season. This CD contains a lovely blend of Rev. Craddock’s comments and the music of Steven Darsey and the Meridian Chorale. The experience is haunting, satisfying, and jubilant, all at once. This is a good introduction to music from The Sacred Harp and a wonderful sample of Rev. Craddock’s preaching. I’ve played this CD so many times that I have almost worn it out! I always start Christmas with this music—it resonates with my soul.”