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Volunteer Support

Meridian Herald is grateful for volunteers who help us in many ways: ushering, publicity, photography, videography, administration, writing, editing, and more. We have simple and pleasant opportunities throughout the year at our various performance locations. If you have gifts you would like to share, please let us know.

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    Sponsors of the 2020-2021 Season:

    Founding Patron $25,000 or more
    Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
    Jane and Wayne Thorpe 

    Sustaining Patron $10,000 or more

    Sally and Peter Dean
    Georgia Council for the Arts
    Piedmont Charitable Foundation
    Sally Sears 

    Patron $5,000 or more
    John F McMullan
    Stuart and Kathleen Gulley
    Ginger Hicks Smith
    Bernard Taylor 

    Major Supporter $2,000 or more
    Steven Darsey
    Dr. Robert Malamis
    Martha and Al Pearson
    Lee and Dick Van Leuvan
    Woodward Academy 

    Supporter $1,000 or more
    Barbara Antley
    Oliver Brooks
    Charles Cottle
    Glenn Kellum
    Gretchen Nagy and Allan Sandlin
    John Sibley 

    Contributor $500 or more
    Paul Anderson Alston & Bird
    Lynn Hart
    Mary and Ray Maynard
    McBrayer Family Foundation
    Marsha Scott and James Long
    Poul Olson 

    Friend $100 or more 
    Sarah Adams
    Jeannine F Addams
    Hon. Doris Downs and Stephen Andrews
    Claire and Ross Arnold
    Elizabeth Asbury
    Paula Lawton Bevington
    Brenda and Cary Bynum
    Hon. Valerie E. Caproni
    Ann Curry
    Carolyn Cushing
    Marilyn Devnich
    Alice and Art Domby
    Elizabeth and Hugh Garrett
    Laura and John Hardman
    Lesley Hudson
    Andrea Kennon
    Ruth Kirby Sanders
    Robert MacGregor
    Julie Martin
    Pearl and Tom McHaney
    Joan and Nicholas Mencher
    Katherine Mitchell
    Harold Newton
    Latrelle Oliver
    Victor Reinhold
    Tracie Sanchez
    Charlotte and Tom Shields
    Donna and Nill Toulme
    Lydia Walker
    Emily and James Washburn
    Jane and Ed Weldon
    Katherine Whitehead 



    “As a loyal attendee of Meridian Herald’s programs from its inception, I have learned that, both in the individual events and in the season as a whole, there is much familiar but also always something new and surprising, which bring a wonderful combination of tradition and innovation.”